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Bail is the process by which an arrested individual obtains release from custody after being booked. When information is needed to get a loved one out of jail, you simply need to:

    1.  Call Toledo Bail Bonds, LLC at 419-243-5000

        a.  Please have defendant's name, birth date, jail in which he/she was booked, if possible

    2.  We will verify the booking information and call you back, making sure you understand the bail bond process and all that is required

    3.  You will meet at our office at 1709 Spielbusch Ave., SUITE 108 (enter hallway on left, second door on the right)

        a.  Parking lot and street parking - lot is pre-pay, metered street parking (free 11:00 am - 2:00 pm) accepts coins

        b.  Our security door locks at 5:00 pm - after 5:00 pm scroll down to "Toledo Bail Bonds" on the keypad outside the entrance door and press the GREEN phone button or call us from your cell phone when you arrive.

    4.  We will make sure you understand the process, you will complete bond agreement paperwork, and we will collect the bond premium and any appicable fees (you're all set now!)

    5.  We will post the defendant's bail at the appropriate court/jail/police station

    6.  The release process begins once the jail or appropriate holding facility receives the (fax) release

    7.  The defendant is required to contact his/her bail bondsman within 24 hours of release to sign paperwork


Bail Bond Process:

Useful information to have when you call Toledo Bail Bonds, LLC will be the defendant's full name, birth date, and the jail they were booked into. We will obtain the bail information and provide it to you, as well as explain what the bail bond process entails and what is required to get your loved one released from jail. Bail Bonds in Ohio are governed by the Ohio Department of Insurance and Ohio State law requires all bail agencies to charge and collect a NON-REFUNDABLE premium of ten percent (10%) of the full bond amount for all bonds written. We will disclose any expense fees that will be charged to cover the costs incurred by your bail agent in executing the bond. Collateral will be required (usually verification of income/sometimes property) and you will also need your valid driver license or state issued identification. Once you arrive at our office in SUITE 108 (second door on the right of hallway) you will fill out a bail bond agreement and other paperwork, such as a privacy notice. You'll receive copies of your paperwork and from there you're all set! We will post a power of attorney at the appropiate court, jail, or police station and once the holding facility receives the release (usually via fax) the release process will begin. Releases can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 48 hours, depending on which jail they are housed and factors such as how busy the jail or holding facility is that particular day. Once the defendant is released, the bail bond premium is earned and cannont be refunded. The defendent is required to contact Toledo Bail Bonds, LLC within 24 hours of release. Additionally, the defendant must check-in every Tuesday (and the day before court) until his/her trial date is completed and the surety is released.

Please let us know if you have any questions!